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My passion for animals instilled a prolific need to join with like minds, for a betterment of life to the animals we share this world with. To offer a healthy effective alternative to the toxic medicines of our times.

To address the every growing needs from pet owners to veterinarians, to the keepers of wildlife centers and zoos for a more natural , powerful solution to animal Dis-Ease.

Animal's  needs are as varied as our own. All species of domestic animals originated from the wilds. Extensive experiences throughout the world have shown me the delicate balance between animals and nature.

What nature provides is taken away from them when they enter the human domain. The balance needs to be restored.

Animalkine is one positive aspect of this necessary change.

Become part of the awareness, choose natural medicines for your animals and open your mind to theirs.

Our Values - total integrity, absolute commitment to quality, respect and devotion to nature, no compromise on being who we are...

Animalkine is a superior scientific line.

From Dogs and Cats to Lions and Tigers, we offer holistic heathcare for their optimal wellness. Integrated medicine allows for a complete balance to be restored thus assisting the animal's own ability to repair and heal.

We offer an array of treatments specific to your animal's needs.

"Nature's Science"

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ANIMALKINE  and Snow Leopard
I travel the globe searching the animal world. This incredible video shows you the correlation between plants and animals and how vitally important it is to use Nature's medicine to cure all animals. You will see in this video a snow leopard eating a medicinal plant to supplement her diet. I had the privilege of seeing this snow leopard in November of 2015 when I was in Manang Nepal Himalayan . For more Nepal stories click on the Nepal page on this website..

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