Animalkine Natural Herbal Animal Medicine

ANIMALKINE The Alchemy of formulas are completely pure and are derived solely from certified organic herbs. We are the new "integrative" medicine. The effectiveness of each formula has been proven throughout many years of professional practice and scientific research. These products are the most natural and effective you can use to care for your animals and pets. " the way mother nature originally prescribed" 

ANIMALKINE Proven effective World Wide on Wildlife and Exotic species

                                      VETERINARIAN STRENGTH FORMULAS

For dogs & cats harmonizing remedies

HERBAL ANTIBIOTICMatrix - for colds and infections, microbial activity and as a preventative from diseases, microbial activity and as a preventative from diseases, may also be used externally on wounds. bacterial invasion both internally and externally creates damp heat toxins. our treatment destroys them while harmonizing with beneficial flora for optimum effectiveness . contains st. johnswort, echinacea augustifolia, tansy, huang bai, goldenseal, andrographis and astragalus    More info/Order

EYE MATRIX  - alleviates chronic and mild cases of conjunctivitis, pink eye and irritations. excellent eye wash to remove debris and salt when animal swims in the sea... safe, gentle and effective. contains celandine, chamomile, guava leaf  More Info/Order

VIRAL MATRIX - powerful broad spectrum formula, intense immune system developer, positive healing of the following conditions, skin allergies, itching/sores, feline aids, feline leukemia, cancer, and viral based dis-ease...contains a proprietary blend of chinese medicinal herbs, blue flag, acacia, andrographalis, astragulas, cat's claw, olive leaf 

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STOMACH MERIDIAN gas, vomiting, diarrhea, bad breath. balances the pH levels of gastric intestinal area and neutralizes stomach. clears negative activity in the digestive area. contains peppermint, melissa, calendula, parsley More info/Order

WOUND MATRIX - multi facet energetic medicine , repairs, maximizes tissue healing.

sores, cuts, wounds, hard growths/rashes, rapidly repairs surgical incisions...may be used internally and externally. contains dang gui, bee pollen, plantain, calendula, st.johnswort  More Info/Order

RESPIRATORY REMEDY -  coughing/sneezing, respiratory problems,assists and targets all conditions, clears and stabilizes. contains mullein, st.johnswort, garlic, osha, marshmellow, astragalus More Info/Order

WORM/PARASITE Cleanse  - as well as mange, ticks, mites and heartworms... gentle, effective cleanse. contains wormseed, black walnut hull, aloe, fei zi, More Info/Order

SEDATION FORMULA - calming and relaxing... for transport, travel, groomers or other stressful situations. safe for dogs and cats and all animals. contains gan cao, fu shen poria, rhodiola, skullcap, linden leaf More Info/Order

ARTHRITIS Joint REMEDY - natural pain relieving action. aids in repair and circulation, relaxes stressed ligaments, tendons and muscles, key nutrients are delivered by this formula, strengthening the joints.

 contains alfalfa, devil's claw, white willow, proprietary blend of Chinese herbs

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LIVER DETOX - aids the liver to dispel toxicity, strengthens and tones.

SEIZURES REMEDY - immediate response and preventative, calming, soothing

PROBIOTIC - balance, restore, nourish

HAIRBALL RID - rids the system gently and aids in constipation.

VITAMIN C INFECTION FIGHTER - anti infection preventative and allows for the assimilation of all other vitamins.

ORAL HYGIENE - cleans teeth, prevents tartar, heals gums and stops bleeding.

ENERGIZER - for lethargic animals young and old. also good after surgeries and prolonged illness.

RADIANT COAT AND SKIN MAINTENANCE - makes skin and coat look and feel its best, as well as heals skin sores and irritation.

HERBAL SHAMPOO - amazing gentle formula, non irritating, tear free, chemical free, sulfate free, helps prevent hair loss, and shedding.

VITAMIN/MINERAL SUPPLEMENT - with added nutrition. provides full array of essential vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids.

IMMUNE SYSTEM ENHANCER - boasts the immune system and good for bacterial infections, giardia and fungus.

FULL BODY CLEANSE - Preventative healthcare 1) Parasite Cleanse 2) Liver detox 3) Blood purifier 4) Restorative Duration 2 1/2 weeks. Best to do 1x yearly

EAR MATRIX - assists in healing afflictions of the ear, including infections causing dryness/itching and damp conditions. contains mullein in an infusion of oils and healing flowers


The Mission of AnimalKine is to return the balance of Nature to  our Animal Kingdom. To bring forth great explorations and discoveries, that changed the world, to create the matrix of botanical medicines, the animals were instinctively born for...