Animalkine Natural Herbal Animal Medicine

I have spent my life traveling the world to understand and uncover the secret's of our incredible earth. Along these journeys I was honored to work and study with master herbologists, shamans, scientists, holistic veterinarians and indigenous scholars. Centuries of wisdom blending together. This walk with knowledge has created the synergy of AnimalKine. The following are Bio's of some of these gifted, amazing people... "julie bindas"

Julia Panthera Bindas

Hailed as the Guardian of the Wilds, she has dedicated her life to animals. Visionary explorations and research have taken her to exotic rainforest, jungles, mountains and the ocean worlds. Credentials - Certified Veterinary regenerative stem cell medicine, Zoo tech, Animal dietician and physical therapist, Wildlife Specialist, 8 years comprehensive field work, L.I.F.E. system intergrated therapist for animals, BS degree Conservation/Ecology, Animal Habitat Consultant,.Spokesperson, Online health and wellness for animals Consultant, Author, Herbalist, Interspecies Communicator, Director Rasha Rare Animals Rescue/ Release Center C.R., Documentary film work Discovery Channel, Wild Things (Bertram Van Munster) Trainer Animal Actors of Hollywood (Hubert G. Wells) International Coordinator, Dolphin/Whale marine tech

Robert Linde AP,RH

is an Acupuncture Physician and Registered Herbalist with a masters degree in Oriental Medicine and BS in Education. He is the owner of Acupuncture & Herbal Therapies in St. Petersburg Florida and the director of the Professional Herbalists Training Program, a two year clinical herbal program. He also consults as a product developer for a national herbal product companies. He has served on the board of directors for the Florida State Oriental Medicine Association (FSOMA) and the American Herbalists Guild. Bob has presented at state and national alternative medicine conferences and frequently lectures at colleges and organizations in the US. He has worked as a wilderness counselor for teenagers, treasure hunter and is a Desert Storm veteran as an infantryman during his 5 years in the army. Bob volunteers for Acupuncturists Without Borders, Homeless Connect and Free Community Acupuncture for Senior’s as well and other community focused organizations. Bob specializes in Gastrointestinal/digestive issues, Dermatology/skin issues and working with children and pets Pets have always been a part of Bob’s life, dogs, chickens, snakes, insects and various strays throughout the years. He has formulated for dogs, cats and horses for major companies and regularly assists with patients pets by working with diet, herbs and acupressure. The opportunity to advance the formulas of Animalkine brings together decades of experience and education. Bob works hard to ensure that he sources the best ingredients from trusted suppliers while working diligently to create formulas that are safe and effective for a wide range of issues that address cats and dogs around the world. .

Robert Linde, AP, RH, Doctor of Oriental Medicine Professional Herbalist Training Program Acupuncture & Herbal Therapies 222 2nd Street North St. Petersburg, FL 33701       telephone 727-551-0857   727-551-0857

Zack Scheurich DVM

Zack is an innovative veterinarian leading the path for holistic veterinarian medicine. He bridges the gap between eastern and western medicine and has extensive studies

knowledge and experience with the plant world.

Carlos Villalobos DVM

40 years experience as a veterinarian who has everything from dogs and cats to jaguars and coati-mundi walking into his clinic. His clinic, Los Alpes located in the

high mountains of Costa Rica, is surrounded by rainforest teaming with medicinal plants. Carlos works deligently to research the relationship between animals and plants for a balanced healing of all his animal's ailments.

Joel Hyman DVM

 His life"s work was dedicated to holistic herbal medicinals. He studied Oriental medicine both abroad in China and California. Doctor Hyman is an accredited herbalist and nutritionalist. Joel taught at the Oriental College of Medicine in Santa Monica, California. His line "hyman for herbs" was the basis in which animalkine was started. Years of successful clinical practice with this line with domestic animals throughout the United States, Canada and Europe had brought him international acclaim.

Tommy Harve Thomas PhD

Botanist Extraordinaire
Harvard University, Proprietor of the  Ark Herb Farm/ Ethno Botanical Gardens - Alejuela, Costa Rica

Juan Jose Rojas Alvaro

 Owner and Director of Wildlife Rescue Center La Marina Costa Rica Jose is an extraordinary man who grew up with the wild animals of the rainforest of Costa Rica. His family owned a zoo which he later took over and turned into a rescue/release center. He is a foremost authority on Tapirs and is the first to successfully breed them in captivity. His experiences and knowledge in the field surpass most biologists and zoologists. He is the head consultant for MINAE the ministry government branch for the environment in C.R. He has done many documentaries with Discovery Channel, Wild things, BBC and National Geographic. Military trained he guards the surrounding parks from poachers and man's encroachment.  Jardin Zoo La Marina WILDLIFE RESCUE CENTER

Oded Mansura Master Healer

Private practice in L.A. USA . Private practice in Israel .Bio-Acoustic ( sound signature technology)  Bioenergy Combination techniques of energy and their impact on the energetic bodies. The methods LAHO-CHI SHEN TONING CRANIO-SACRAL BIO-MAGNETIC , Counseling and holistic therapy at Center Pain Preventative  in Beverly Hills, under the direction of Dr. Bruce Fromm.  BodyMind Massage techniques : Deep tissue massage Connective tissue massage Skin tissue massage , Signature sound technology -Advanced training and certification ~~American institute asian studies -Advanced pranic healing Shen therapy institute - Physioemotional release therapy Touch for health training Shiatsu - Healing art center of santa monica Spiritual healing and chakra balancing Anatomy - Santa monica college , Kabalistic numerology Biorgonomy Cranio-Sacral - I.p.e.c.- clearing Allergies- Kabalistic Healing - the power of letters & numbers decoding the dna Self -Development Planetary Ferquency Medicine & decoding mother earth D.N.A. The Healing power of the 22 Hebrew Letters to heal personal And planetary karmic issues.

Developer of Advanced Healing systems


Dosthora Mudalihamy Warnasuriya,

Grand Master,  Ayurveda Medicine, Scientist, President of the Deha Dhamma Divine Body Care Center - 99/2 Gothami Road Colombo 8, Sri Lanka The Divine Body Care Center - West Los Angeles, California