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Introducing Camel Regenerative Formula A new product has been created for camels. Exceptional and unique. The product I have designed for camels is mainly formulated for racing camels. I have included rumen by pass vitamins, amino acids and simple sugars to get the better benefit for camels. As you know a big part of the vitamins and sugars are digested from rumen microflora while if you use protected ingredients they by pass rumen and give a great benefit for camels' body. Even if they are designed for racing camels these supplements work well even with zoo camels.Gino

Geavet is a full spectrum nutritional line we represent here in the USA and Canada. Veterinarian Gino Conzo of Italy, PhD in Avian and Wild Animals Pathology has developed a complete supplement line, based on herbal extracts, His vast experiences throughout the world such as Brazil director of Ambulatorio de Aves Ornamentas and European Veterinary Center in Dubai, World Parrot trust and his various missions in Africa (Cameroon, Congo, Uganda) make him a leader in his field of expertise. Gino is a consultant for EU zoo's for nutrition and prevention of infectious diseases. Dr. Conzo is editor of the book on avian diseases and more then 50 scientific papers on avian and exotic animal diseases.