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Leopard rescue/release project

The colorful, wondrous and sacred Nepal

Namaste and Happy New Year-2016,
On this occasion, we are so glad to do something to satisfy urgent need of the poor students. Our ever continued support to the poor and disable students who are in seventy(70) in number get more surprised when we come with the foods and warm clothes in these chilly and frozen cold days. We have only one wish to remove all the obstacles in their educational right. As a parent or Guardian, we have the responsibility to fulfill this wish up to their high school level at any cost. In this connection, we got warm support from our friends. It is all possible by the warm support of good hearted well-wishers from HANA and her relatives on the remembrance of her beloved late father from Sweden. Our two activities on this occasion include two schools:
Mahendra Lower Secondary School, Katunje-1, Bhaktapur
While we were distributing goods, all eyes speechless are thanking us. Children are so thankful for this effort to make it happen. Parents also join the program expecting some help and there with the goods became so happy. At the same time, we distributed big speaker and microphone as well as other multimedia system to the school so that tiny children can practice dance, music and do some educational skill through multimedia network. So, administration team is also thankful for all this blessings.
Disable Children Care Centre, Katunje, Sushila Bhairav, Bhaktapur
We managed to distribute necessities at Primary school. Very poor and physically challenging poor children became so happy with the goods, stationeries and hygienic food items with vitamins. There, we distributed ball, educational material and playing materials. There also parents accompanied in our program.
Present situation is that they are in need of support and care. Most of them are homeless and victims of earthquake so every small help counts a lot in their life.  We are here working as a parent to do anything that they need by your virtuous and prayer love and support.
Our small efforts can bring greater happiness in their life. It might be mile stone to step ahead. So, let us unite to do something for the poor and disable children so that their right to education and life is guaranteed. 

Let us make the commitment to do something so that these 70 students from NEPAL can look forward for the brighter future and
success in their life.
If there is some prayer support for them, we will be very much grateful and blessed so that we can have something for the poor ones.
With Best Regards
Tara Prasad Adhikari
Program Director
Volunteers’ Community Nepal
Website: www.vcnepal.org
Email: info@vcnepal.org
Ph: +977 9851000973

Pokhara Forestry Institute  Ritika Prasai and graduate students 
Courses on wildlife conservation, wildlife management, tracking and collection, anti-poaching measures and endangered species stem cells and the future of preservation and research

a spectacular means to come close to the mountains, an eagles view...

Meet Ritika Prasai, the girl who lead me to Nepal and has become an advocate voice and administrator of the waste management movement, a leader to young people around the world in the fight for wildlife conservation. "One person can make a difference, she is living proof."

Global Wildlife Evolution

spotlights this extraordinary, wonder of Nature, the Roof of the World. Numerous projects are ignited... waste management, elephant relief and welfare, snow leopard conservation, educational studies for wildlife conservation/preservation. leopard and tiger reintroduction to the wilds, rhino protection act initiated.
 We work closely with the NTNC and other government branches to instill the necessary parameters for this rare, important part of our earth.
The Nepalese communities, groups and Universities, an integral part of this country are instrumental in working with us to create a natural sustainable existence with the wilds
.Preservation of all our natural worlds begins now...

We continue to support these vital projects because this is how we change the grid of the world ...Each and every one of us is connected to one another, a thread that is called Humanity.
join us in this worldwide evolution of a new generation of humanity that will take the impossible steps to conquer every mission ...
the following projects are reaching out for help
let's all begin to give back

1  Chitwan leopard rescue/   release

2   Mr. Tara's children fund

3   Elephant tuberculosis/Freedom

4   Snow Leopard conservation

5   Ritika Prasai waste management project (clean Nepal/Himalayas

6   Education of the Forestry students

7   Save the Sherpa

The elephants of Nepal and India are truly a once in a lifetime experience
which will remain with you forever. Their quiet demeanor, gentle caress, whimsical antics and amazing memory showed me their deeply philosophical intelligence. Their minds are one of the most interesting I have ever read. The following videos of me and elephants at play and work, you will enjoy...
The Global Wildlife Evolution is fund raising for the numerous projects dedicated to helping the elephants. We work towards serving justice for the future of the elephants and we work diligently on curing their epidemic outbreaks of tuberculosis. We teach those working with them how to properly care for them and how important their freedom is...

The Rhino Lodge In Chitwan is the place I stayed to work with the elephants. I am creating an elephant fund for these elephants.
Meet my elephants, they are   Basanti Kali, Sona Kali and Crulab Kali
The lodge calls me, Julie Kali...

Elephant Bath " a day of play with this young 3 year old "

Signs of Nepal- the efforts set forth for conservation...addressing health issues of wildlife such as tuberculosis in elephants and the poisoning of the wild vultures by veterinarian drugs...

The Royal Wedding and the commoner wedding, this  extraordinary group of people are responsible for the lives of thousands of tourists that dream of reaching the heights of the Himalayas, however like most indigenous groups of people throughout the world the value of their work is greatly unappreciated. These men carry equipment, supplies, bedding and food on their back climbing to extreme Heights testing the parameters of the safety of a route leading the tourists/trekkers forward  safely and efficiently and yet they barely make $20 a day for their efforts. The aftermath of the great Avalanche of 2015 which took several people's lives and many Sherpas instigated a government action to be taken to ensure that these people had insurance to cover their family's livelihood in the case of their death. In front of CNN news teams the minister of the Government of Nepal promised to do .. I had the great honor of sitting down with a Sherpa in which he told me most of what was promised is yet to be seen or implecated. We are striving to bring Justice to this wonderful group of people that so many of us owe our lives to...

Julia Bindas in Nepal Chitwan National Park interview a with park ranger attacked by a tiger and a sloth bear.

Denver Zoo, Colorado
Working with expert Dave Johnson, one man who has made wonderful changes in the lives of captive animals and teaches the public, we strive to change the world ... His children's books and volunteer work in Nepal is unprecedented.
Videos of Snow leopards and Amur leopards, the most beautiful cats in the world. We are initiating an international project for a Collection Bank of Endangered Species Stemcells, worldwide. A crucial step as we have entered the age of extinction, for the preservation and diversity of each species

Wild Rhino night encounter, documented December 2015 Chitwan Nepal