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President Veterinarian Association   

To Whom This may Concern

I declare upon the visit of the feline, puma on the 3rd of November 1998 in my veterinarian's clinic was with serious malnutrition and fractured femurs in both limbs. The prognosis for the recovery of this feline was reserved because of the conditions an complications present. After fifteen months ,the recovery of the puma, under the supervision of Julie Bindas was impressive. The care consisted of primarily of natural medicines, proper diet, maintaining her in a natural environment and much love. The puma moves normally now and will be able to hunt on her own without problems. We look forward with enthusiasm as Julie prepares to return the puma to freedom in her natural environment

Alexander Valverde R  Code 424 

WORM/PARASITE CLEANSE remedy is one of the best formulas to be used as a dewormer that I have ever seen. In my practice I deal with dogs, cats and also wildlife from the local centers and zoological parks. This formula works safely and effectively on all types of parasitic activity both in domestic and wild animals. I practice holistic medicine as often as possible. I am a true believer in natural products for animals. My clinic did years of extensive research on worms and parasites. Most veterinarians recommend a once a month wormer by several different pharmaceutical companies. However scientific research has proven that the side effects of this toxic monthly med are responsible for a wide range of animal disease and discomfort. Findings also show the overkill of administering such meds and ineffectiveness. This is a case of the cure being worse then the condition With shorter live spans and smaller organ systems than humans, pets are far more limited in their physical ability to deal with toxins, which are symptoms of dog and cat wormers. Animalkine parasite cleanse is safe and effective and done twice yearly ridding the body of both the eggs and hosts. According to laboratory test results of animal studies obtained by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (data on file in Washington, D.C.), dogs and cats can suffer negative health effects from pharmaceutical de-wormers. These effects include: cancer-reproductive problems- central nervous system disturbances-liver and kidney damage-enlarged thyroid-internal bleeding-muscle tremors-seizures-depression-urgency to urinate-blurred vision-headache-nausea-vomiting-stomach cramps.

Julian M. Hansen DVM

In regards to Animalkine viral matrix formula I would like to inform those interested in the story of my cats which were diagnosed with FIV. Treatment was limited for them and I wanted a natural approach. My cats were put on the Viral Matrix for a 3 week period. Each week while on the formula I noticed remarkable improvement in them in many ways. They were less lethargic, more playful and slept better. Their appetite increased and after the 3 week period upon returning to the vet my cats received a clean bill of health. What a lovely surprise. I highly recommend this product to anyone facing the many feline viral diseases which veterinarians cannot cure.

Sincerely Anna Weston Santa Monica, California

For many reasons I write this letter of recommendation for the animalkine line. In my practice I have used several of the remedies with great success. The natural antibiotic has proven itself time and time again in numerous cases on domestics and exotics. Viral Matrix has alleviated rhinotracheitis in several cat patients. At present time I am working with a cat with feline leukemia and the matrix formula thus far is showing marked improvement in the blood testing being done week to week. Animal seizures are on the rise at my office. Animalkine's Seizure formula has been shown to work quickly and safely on symptoms. Herbal medicine has a long proven history in our world with humans. It is the combined efforts of vets and herbalist that begin to open parameters for better healing for our beloved pets.

Carlos Villalobos DVM

I have been a friend of Julie watching her greatest passion for animal care, growth and survival over the many years living in Costa Rica. We met years ago and continue our delightful friendship from all corners of the world. Not only could Julie help with the birth of a Tapir, visit an indigenous tribe and lovingly cuddle a puma before letting her caring duties draw her back into the jungle to gather plants, mud, vines and seeds which would magically become a Master Herbal remedy to soothe cares of a fallen sloth onto the floor of the jungle or help in one case the two of us were at a horse show and the horses were being tormented by bugs to the point of going insane until Julie quietly walked up to the owner after viewing the situation and shared her recipe developed years ago for just this situation. The next day Julie returned and completely and precisely eliminated the highly train horses problems to the delight of the staff and owner. Julies voice reached the nation with direct demands of attention to  matters from the Government Ministers, zoo keepers, right through making sure poachers knew they were watched, all in a days duty being an angel!! Julie championed for the silent animals instinctively  treading the trails of the ancestors long before humans dominated the planet. Julie continues as a caring voice that animals immediately were drawn to by a soothing voice and a patient stillness trusted between human and animals as one

Arnie Gustafson  

Costa Rica